About the Contest

Photography is a language more universal than words as the freezing moment speaks more. So let’s come together and make an album of this year Durga Puja.

Durga Puja is not a festival of just few days, its preparation starts many days before and completes on the final day which is known as ‘Bisorjon’. In this contest photographers have to define the puja starting right from the puja preparations to the final day.

Prostuti – Preparation of the puja is also very important as it is the foundation of the beautiful imagination.

Aagomani – The goddess Durga is being welcomed in a very beautiful and traditional manner which inculcates a spirit of joy in the everyone's mind.

Pujo – The Puja of Goddess Durga is performed in a traditional manner with the chanting of mantras, beating of the dhak by the dhaki’s and much more.

Bisorjon – On this day the goddess Durga is bid farewell by a traditional ritual in which married women puts vermilion (sindoor) to each other which is popularly known as “Sindoor Khela” after this ritual final “Aarti” is performed and the goddess is immersed in the holy water.

You have to upload minimum 5 and maximum 10 pictures for each of the above mentioned theme.


Among all the participants of the contest Top 5 contestant will be awarded as a token of appreciation with the following:-

  1. Trophy
  2. Certificate
  3. Maskin Times Press Card
  4. Free Membership in International Human Rights Council of India (IHRCI)

The top 5 contestant will also get opportunity to participate in the event organized by ‘Maskin Times’ and ‘International Human Rights Council of India (IHRCI)’ in upcoming future with proper payment.

All the participants will also get a “Certificate of Appreciation” for participating in the contest.

All the members have to upload their photos of the contest within 18th October, 2021.